Can I Ask You A Question?

Good Lord. It is impossible to walk 20 feet in the mall without someone wanting to ask me a question. Do you feel stress in your shoulders? Is adult acne a problem for you? May I see your wedding ring? How happy are you with the shine of your nails? Want to see something amazing? Not only am I not interested in answering the questions of these mall kiosk personalities, I’m slightly irritated they feel the need to broach these subjects with me. Granted, I’m not a ‘make-up on my face every day’ kind of girl. I don’t think I look like I need THAT much work though.

I suppose these mall versions of street peddlers are a good thing. They are annoying enough I only go to the mall when absolutely necessary. Saves me a bundle, I’m sure. The downside is I am forced to gape at the half naked mannequins of Victoria Secret in order to avoid the dreaded eye contact that marks you as the next target. Yet another dig to my self esteem.  I do wonder how many injuries are incurred each year as a result of wearing unmentionables with so much wire, fur and flesh penetrating string?

4 Responses to “Can I Ask You A Question?”

  1. Amy says:

    That is too coincedental. I too avert my eyes to the lingerie shop in our mall when passing the phone co. kiosk!

  2. Jessica says:

    I also dislike the fact that when I go tot he mall, some stranger pops out of the middle of the mall and says “can I ask you a question?” I said “no”.

    I don’t make it a habit of talking to stangers particularly if my DD is with me. I kow that he has a job to do, but I just don’t like it.

  3. JENDUB says:

    Catching up on your musing today.
    I had a horrible incident with a kiosk “salesman” this weekend. As I was looking at something else he walked from his booth (I think there should be a leash or something) and approached my son in his stroller, he grabbed his hand and handed him a “magic marker” (something he was selling I didn’t stick around to find out why it was magic) Guess what my 9 month old did with it? Wiped it down his shirt and then put it in his mouth all in about 5 seconds. OH I YELLED and YELLED at that man. “WHY in the world would you do that” I asked. “Just wanted to share my product with the kids, its washable!” was his answer. WHAT AN IDIOT!

  4. lisa says:

    Gee Jen, how awful. I’m glad you gave him a bit of educating on the matter.

    Jessica, it is annoying. I feel like hanging a sign around my neck that reads “I’ve already been asked the question…please don’t ask it again.”

    Amy, I wonder if the kiosk guys actually target being by lingerie shops to cheer them up over the rejection they must face regularly.