Not That Excuse

In the past week that I’ve been sick I’ve been doing a lot of surfing on the internet to kill time. I’ve found some interesting blogs I will refrain from linking to my site. They are great reads but the language can be a bit strong at times and I don’t want to catch anyone off guard.  One site that has entertained me to no end is a blog dedicated to outlining why the modern woman is worthless. Why men should run for their lives and save themselves. Aside from the fact some lump all women in together when it comes to certain behaviors, most of the content is thought provoking.  If it weren’t for the fact I’m pretty confident I’m not the selfish, manipulative, princess like female they are describing, I might be offended.  In truth, I can think of several women I’ve met who fit the bill on a lot of their complaints.

To the point of this blog, the site I’ve been reading is clearly intended for a male audience. No where does the blogger give any hint he is worried about turning away any female readers upset by his message. Interestingly enough, there are several women there who have made it their cause to try to change these men and prove them wrong. One such poster contributed a series of comments that started out nice and turned into a ridiculous rant of name calling and such. I guess she doesn’t blog enough to realize comments aren’t always posted immediately. She thought the blogger was intentionally skipping her comments and couldn’t stop from submitting follow up comments with all sorts of rationale as to why he wasn’t a big enough man to share her thoughts with his blog readers. Let me tell you, she got pretty creative. When ALL of her comments appeared the following day she read like a first class idiot. Of course, the men there had a field day with this. She realized immediately she was in the wrong and attempted to back peddle. She had a reason for her burst of insanity. Any guesses on what it was? She justified her less than noble behavior on having her period. Yep, her period made her interpret the situation incorrectly and type those vicious words. Considering the mood of the site, any guesses as to how understanding these men were when she offered her excuse? Not very. It was terribly embarrassing to watch them skewer and roast her over attempting to use her period as a hall pass for saying stupid things on a site primarily intended for men.

I really hate it when my fellow woman perpetuates the myth having a period turns us into ridiculous nitwits one week out of every month. Not only that, we hate it when men suggest we must have our period when we are upset. We can’t have it both ways. We can’t be offended when a man implies such a thing, but throw out “my period made me do it” when we make a mistake or lose our mind over something. I’m fortunately a woman who has not been overcome by my period. I’ve always managed to stay in the driver’s seat when she is around. If I felt I was in any danger of being taken over by her though, I would run for the magical aisle in the grocery store of tiny white pills that take you to a land of sunshine and daisies. Problem solved.

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