To Spend Or Not To Spend…

Retailers hate me. I am the type of shopper who gets more out of browsing than actually buying. It is not uncommon for me to carry an item around a store for a good 15 minutes only to put it away and walk out without making a purchase. I get enough pleasure simply imagining I might buy the item. Opening the wallet is a different story. It brings more pain than enjoyment.

Thanks to my Depression Era Grandfather, I can’t seem to make a purchase without weighing the cost against the need. My Grandfather once advised I should always consider how many working hours were necessary to afford something. Let’s say you make $20 an hour and you are holding a pair of pants that cost $60. Is that pair of pants worth the most grueling 3 hours of work you can remember? Thinking about individual purchases this way really takes the romance away from the cash register. There was a time when my mind would take me to all of the wonderful things the new item and I would experience together. After my Grandfather shared his wisdom, my mind was only able to focus on the past and what it took to earn the money retailers would love for me to hand them.

Though I may not have as much fun shopping as other people, I can’t think of an item I returned to a shelf or rack that I regret leaving behind. Interestingly enough, when I have made a purchase without using my Grandfather’s wisdom, I’ve noticed a greater frequency of disappointment in the item.

2 Responses to “To Spend Or Not To Spend…”

  1. Holly says:

    I know Lois wishes that I used your self control – or some of your grandfather’s wisdom.

  2. beth says:

    My 14 year old daughter does that when we shop. It doesn’t matter if she is using her money or mine.
    I wouldn’t mind being able to do that sucessfully. I go for awhile not purchasing but then I splurge a bit. However I am always afraid of being without enough money so I stop myself before I spend too much. And I am horrible at putting away savings.