I’d Like to Announce My Candidacy

Just kidding. I’m not running for President. Seems like everyone else is though. Just as I was enjoying the 2 months of peace since the assault of the midterm elections, here we are gearing up for 2008. Let’s all join in a collective groan. Grrrrrrroan.

The interesting thing is the candidates seem about as enthused as I am over the whole process. Have you heard some of the announcement speeches? Many look about as excited as someone facing a root canal. I can’t say I blame them. I’m not sure I’d be doing jumping jacks at the prospect of taking the reins in the middle of this mess. I may not be all that thrilled with some of the candidates, but I can’t help but respect their willingness to face things head on that make me want to hunker down in a closet and hide.

Early on, there are a few candidates who are going on and on about how it is time to make a change after 6 years of George Bush. Um, they do know he’s not allowed to run again in 2008, right? It’s time to make a change whether he is beloved or not. Since Dubya is not a contender for 2008, I really hope the candidates (Republican or Democrat) do what they can to talk about themselves and their actual opponents. This could be an insanely long 22 months if all the talk will be of the past. The past has been well documented by our faithful 24 hour news channels. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about who has done what and I’m more interested in learning what others plan to do.

2 Responses to “I’d Like to Announce My Candidacy”

  1. beth says:

    UUggh, I’m right there with ya on this. I hate politics with a passion. I know they are inevitable. I have to find some news sources I respect however because I refuse to listen to all the crap.
    Sorry I haven’t visited lately.

  2. Holly says:

    I’ve never heard of half of these people.
    I think I should run.
    C’mon, a 30-yr old civil unioned lesbian mother (soon), ex-bartender, ex-sorority girl who may or may not have smoked pot once or twice in college (but didn’t inhale)…I would definitely have a following of some sort.
    Damn. I’m not old enough. Oh well.
    This is going to be one long election period.
    What does it say about me that I would love to see an Obama/Clinton ticket?