Logical Order

People seem less inclined to do things in a logical order. A systematic approach is too boring, I suppose. Most have read about the 67 year old woman who gave birth to twins recently. She is a prime example of straying from a natural sequence of events. She has announced publicly she is seeking a man to be a father to her children. Um, isn’t it usually a good idea to find a father first? I mean a lot of planning went into this endeavor. The pregnancy was intentional and sought out. Great amounts of time and money were invested to bring these babies to life. How odd the task of securing a father was left until the end. Talk about horses pushing a cart from behind. Of course, not securing a father in advance isn’t the only side step from conventional ways in this story. The norm of securing a mate, having children, raising children and then growing old has been replaced by growing old, having children, looking for a mate and raising your children quick enough that they will be able to tend to you by the time you are in diapers again.

I suppose some could look at this story as a victory for women. Finally women are able to conceive children later in life like men. The thing is, men’s equipment still works later in life without medical intervention. This woman’s womb had been turned off for years. Artificial means and advanced technology were necessary to make this pregnancy happen. Wombs turn off for a reason. Our divine creator was wise enough to know pregnancy after a certain stage in life wasn’t a good idea. By natural order, women typically have up to 25 years to secure a pregnancy. Isn’t that enough time to get the job done in the order nature intended? It may not be fair that men can have children into their 70’s and women can’t. Life’s not fair though. Men in their 70’s probably don’t think it’s fair that women can sleep through the night without getting up to pee every 2 hours. Nature knows best and we shouldn’t fight it so often.

2 Responses to “Logical Order”

  1. Holly says:

    my exact words when I heard that story were “why didn’t she secure the guy first?”

  2. beth says:

    I’m still laughing at how funny this story was and your view is! Thanks for a laugh.
    Have a happy weekend!