I passed a U-Haul truck today.  It was abandoned alongside the road with its hood up.  The truck apparently was another workforce casualty.  The U-Haul trucks should seriously consider forming a union so they have a voice in improving their work environment.  They are forever dying on the job.  I see them on the shoulder of the road more than I see them rolling down the highway.  Conditions must be horrible.  If U-Haul doesn’t start investing in the health and well being of its fleet, it might as well change its name to U-Tow.

3 Responses to “U-Haul”

  1. Jules says:

    My parents rented a U-Haul once that caught on fire while they were using it. It was towed to the U-Haul location closest to the city they were stopped in. They were fined for not returning it to where they rented it from. After some curt phone calls, they have now decided to use Penske.

  2. reeveslady says:

    EEEk! We’ve never had any problems with them (we’ve used them twice). I can see how they can have problems, though, because the trucks we used were OLD.

  3. beth says:

    Hee, hee, this was funny. YOU-TOW.