She’s Terrified???

The gossipy side of news is reporting Nicole Richie is terrified she may go to jail for her latest episode of drunk driving. You may have heard the story of how she had been reportedly driving the wrong direction down a freeway. She managed to escape tragedy. Fortunately she found a way to drive with traffic on a different busy road. By the time police caught up with her, she had given up driving completely and was stopped in the fast lane of a freeway. It’s a miracle no one was injured or killed as a result of her irresponsible behavior that day. This is her 2nd DUI. I’m guessing there have been times she’s gotten behind the wheel intoxicated and escaped detection by law enforcement. Miss Richie may be afraid she is going to go to jail. I am equally afraid she won’t. I don’t feel celebrities should be punished in an extreme way as if to make an example out of them. Not receiving punishment, however, is the other end of extreme and it is also unacceptable.

2 Responses to “She’s Terrified???”

  1. Jessica says:

    I totally agree. Why shouldn’t she be punished? So she is a celebrity. So what !!!!!! Just hink of the innocent lives that could have been injured or killed by her careless actions.

  2. I agree 100%. That woman and many other celebs (thinking Lindsay Lohan) is eriously messed up. By the way, I have decided to boycott a particularly mean spirited and nasty celeb website. I took their link off my blogroll today. I think it just perpetuates bad feelings to even read them.