Lessons From a Cabbie

It is rare to read a news story that leaves you smiling and hopeful that morality isn’t on a helpless decline. This morning I read about a NY City cabbie who found luggage in his trunk left behind by a jeweler. The case held a bag of diamonds. The cabbie spent a considerable amount of time making calls, driving around the city and tracking down the passenger who left the case behind. He found the owner and was given $100 for his efforts. He took the money since tracking down the owner cost him a decent amount of time and gas that he could have been using towards earning more fares.

What makes this story interesting to me is the passenger had originally tipped the driver 30 cents for an $11 fare. Finding diamonds in your trunk after a tip like that might tempt a person to succumb to the ‘finder’s keepers’ way of thinking. Not this man. He knew he held a mini fortune in his hands, but didn’t want to attain wealth by capitalizing on the misfortunes or mistakes of others, even if those ‘others’ seem as though they could afford to lose some. Like most people, he would enjoy the comforts of money. His desire for money does not outweigh his need to be ethical and honest. I hope his actions ensure good karma that pays him back in spades.

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