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At Least We Aren’t Telepathic

Friday, January 5th, 2007

All of my means of communication have been hijacked! As a rough guess, 70 percent of my postal mail, email, phone calls and such are unsolicited junk. Pop up ads are all over my favorite internet hang outs. Robots are attempting to post on my blog page to tell me about amazing ways to make money. Where does it all come from and when will it all end? Don’t the people generating this garbage have better uses of their time and money? Aren’t they also irritated by the amount of spam they are forced to deal with on a daily basis? Thank God we aren’t all telepathic and having to ward off junk thoughts.

Butts on the Ground

Thursday, January 4th, 2007

We’ve seen it countless times. A person with a cigarette is approaching a building and needs to get rid of their tobacco tube. On the ground it goes. This drives me insane. It is doubly irritating if there is indeed a trash can with an ashtray top near by. I at least have some tolerance for those wise enough to stomp it out. Those who allow the burning wand to simply roll in the wind really get my dander up. I have chased many a cigarette in an attempt to give it the squashing it rightfully deserves.

The cigarettes I can’t chase and terminate are those tossed from car windows. Boy, what a blood boiler. I have yet to see a car that does not come with an ashtray. When sparks fly out of the car in front of me and dance over my windshield, I just want to speed ahead and give that person a finger shaking. (Don’t worry. I’m strictly a ‘pointer finger’ kind of girl.) How thoughtless can a person be to throw a burning object out the window to who knows where? Do they have some psychic ability that allows them the confidence their cigarette won’t be the beginnings of a raging fire?

I’m not trying to pick on smokers in general. There are those who are very responsible with how they dispose of their butts. They realize the habit is their own and cleaning up after that habit rests on their shoulders. There is simply no way for others to accommodate the needs of smokers at all times. Businesses can’t line their parking lots with ashtrays. Transportation agencies can’t build drive thru cigarette disposal booths every 5 miles. Having a plan for keeping one’s butt off of the ground is the only solution.


Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

My husband lived in our current home for 10 years before we got married. He was the original owner, so he was able to pick the features he wanted in the house as it was built. One choice he made was to select hardwood floors for a majority of the main living area. I’ll never forget the first time he invited me in his home. As he opened the door the first thing that jumped out at me was what appeared to be a significant rug collection. Rugs were everywhere. Red, gray, cream, striped and patterned rugs were strewn over a majority of the area. Few matched. Most were in various stages of wear. When I asked him why he had so many rugs he responded it was to protect the wood floor.

Though I understand wanting to protect something that is special, it is interesting how we sometimes take that protection to a level that prevents us from enjoying and experiencing what we have. It reminds me of the sofa my Grandma bought when she moved into her new home. It was a beautiful cream with wild flowers and birds decorating it in places. She absolutely loved it in the store. From the day she brought it home it was covered in an afghan of brown, orange and yellow yarn. I’ve seen some ugly afghans, but this one took first prize. True, the sofa’s fabric remained in pristine condition and was untouched by stains, but the afghan never came off the couch until my Grandma passed away. It was in perfect condition for the next owner to appreciate, but she didn’t allow herself to enjoy the possession that had brought her so much pleasure to purchase.

Back to the rugs, when my husband and I got married I moved into the house of rugs and gradually started removing one at a time. After a bit, my husband realized he was starting to like the way his home looked. It felt good to walk in the door and see the wood. It was nice not to have an eye sore of mismatched patterns greeting him. He was giving himself (the current owner) permission to enjoy the house without putting all of the weight on the future owner’s enjoyment. There are now a few scuffs that wouldn’t have been there had rugs remained, but they are of little consequence compared to the enjoyment we have both received from the hardwoods.

My challenge to myself and to others is to not be so rigid in enjoying things. We get one shot at this life and we might as well take our fill from time to time. I’m not saying to be irresponsible. Table some of the concerns over preserving something for its next owner though. Take that car out from under the tarp and go for a joy ride. Dab on that perfume you never wear because you want it to last forever. Spend some of your hard earned money on yourself instead of worrying about how much you hope to pass on to others when you are gone. Don’t limit yourself to a life of ugly rugs when you’ve earned and actually possess something that is special and brings you pleasure.

What Does God Think?

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

I wonder how God feels about prayers these days. No matter what faith you practice, many have a belief in a higher power and offer prayers to that being. Prayers these days have taken on an odd twist. Football players drop to their knees and offer a prayer of thanks when scoring a touch down. Music stars huddle in prayer circles and ask for God’s help in their concert performance as they prepare to sing songs about drinking, casual sex, infidelity and such. Opposing sides in a war send prayers for strength and victory in battle so they may be the one to kill the most while experiencing the fewest casualties. The plastic surgeon on “Dr. 90210” suggests ‘with God’s blessing’ the new set of knockers he is implanting will be perfect.

God must really wonder what we are thinking down here. He’s got a massive universe to tend to and we attempt to involve Him in the trivial matters of fake breasts and football games. He has a message of righteousness and we seek His assistance in promoting negative messages for outrageous profit. He demands goodwill towards others and we ask Him for help in destroying those we disagree with so our viewpoint will prevail.

I don’t mean for this to be a blog about Bibles and brimstone. My religious affiliations and beliefs aren’t going to be revealed and pontificated. It’s just fascinating to me that some individuals who make a public display of their belief in God through prayers and chants would pick such minute or negative issues to ask for His blessing or offer their thanks. If you’re going to ask the big guy for help, ask for World peace, health of friends & family, wisdom, patience and financial security. If you wish to express thanks, consider what blessings are more likely results of His crafting. Though I can’t place a phone call to God to confirm His opinion, I’d hazard a guess He would rather hear appreciation for the important things in life versus sporting event outcomes and presents Santa left under the tree.  I’m just asking for a little more consistency between the faith and the supposedly faithful.

Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

Well, 2007 is here.  My husband and I are home from our travels and ready to kick this New Year off with a few weeks of normalcy.  The holidays were great and the time with our extended family was priceless.  However, it will be nice to have a vacation from chaos, overeating and endless road trips with a car packed to the brim.

For those of you who stop by regularly, I’m sorry I neglected my blog for a bit.  I had every intention of keeping it up as I traveled.  The only thing I felt compelled to write at the end of each day was “gosh, I think I ate too much.”  That probably would have gotten a bit old after 10 days.  So I’m back with several observations of the traveling public I can’t wait to share.  Nothing better than 600 miles through 5 states to provide me with topics worth blogging about.  Stay tuned.