Have you heard of Jennifer Elison? She is the woman who wrote a book sharing her relief over her husband’s death in an automobile accident. She was feeling oppressed and trapped in her 4 year marriage and wanted a divorce. In fact, she had told him so the day before he died in a car accident. As luck would have it, she didn’t have to wade through any annoying divorce proceedings and fret over the distribution of assets. Fate intervened and his young life was snuffed out just in the knick of time. She got her husband out of her hair and was able to retain all of his assets. Cha-ching! As the doctors informed her the man she had married did not survive, she was spared the pain of grief as the pleasure of relief overcame her.

Just when I think people can’t possibly become any shallower, someone like Ms. Elison comes along. There are plenty of people in this world who annoy and frustrate me, or make my life more difficult at times. I still recognize those individuals as living, breathing souls with feelings and families and dreams. Just because our lives don’t compliment one another doesn’t mean the planet is too small for the both of us. Perhaps Ms. Elison would be happy if some huge epidemic struck her city and killed off most of the population. Then she would feel relieved not to have to wait in line at the grocery store or suffer delays on the roadways. She’d also have a better chance of getting a first rate parking space at the local mall with fewer people to compete with and hold her back.

It’s so sick and sad to me. Ms. Elison is actually being praised by some who commend her for her honesty. There are some who have shared there own stories of relief when someone close to them has died. There are a few who had a right to be relieved. They were watching a loved one suffer horribly through a terminal disease. There were others who, like Ms. Elison, had simply tired of having another person around them. Some have justified this reaction with the argument that the after life is more important than the physical life anyway, so it’s not like it was any great loss for the dearly departed. It’s discouraging, but not a complete surprise. As a society we seem to be getting further and further away from valuing human life and recognizing how special existence can be.

6 Responses to “Relieved?”

  1. Holly says:

    WTF??? Wow – she’s making money off this book?
    Okay, I watched someone die of terminal cancer that took months and months longer than it should have. I think everyone was praying for some quick thing to come in and end the pain. I guess I can understand moments like then, when the victim and the family are ready to let go and more time is only giving them horrible pain.
    But you hit the nail on the head with her reasoning. It’s convenience, isn’t it? It was more convenient for her to not have to go through a divorce. Now she has the money and could quickly go on with her life. Screw his family and his future chance at happiness.
    That, I think is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. And to praise her for her honesty???

  2. lisa says:

    I know Holly. I was stunned to see her interview run on CNN. I thought, why is she even getting face time? Who would buy a book like this? I didn’t include the title, but anyone can find it by Googling Ms. Elison’s name. Makes me wonder, and I’m joking (kind of), if she didn’t fiddle with his brake fluid or something.

  3. Jessica says:

    Sad. I read the reviews of the book on Amazon, and to my suprise – they were all good. One review hinted at their being abuse in teh relationship. Has anyone heard this?

  4. lisa says:

    The supposed abuse was along the lines of him being controlling and not wanting her to get a job or go back to college. She felt oppressed. At least, I believe that is the extent of it all. I don’t believe the abuse was significant enough that divorce wouldn’t have freed her from its reach. I do understand how some who have been abused might feel unsafe in the world as long as the other person is alive. I didn’t get the feeling from her interview that was the case. He was overbearing and she didn’t want to be controlled. I suppose it’s a valid reason for divorce, but hardly reason to be relieved someone had died horribly in an auto accident. His family must want to squash her like a bug.

  5. Jessica says:

    I was also wondering about his family. If for this reason ALONE, she should not be telling everyone of how relieved she was/is. I could not imagine someone being glad that my baby (even as an adult) had died.

  6. Taras says:

    Her actions indicate to me she had him killed. Had I been a close relative of her husband, she would regret saying what she said because I would either make her life a living Hell or I would expose her as a murderer. Her actions are extremely suspicious and had I been a detective I would suspect her or an lover as the killer. Cars are sabotaged by hit men to make their handy work appear to be an accident, not a murder for hire.