Name That Christian

One of the saddest developments in the 2008 election season was the endless questioning of Barack Obama’s faith.  Yes, it could be argued whether or not some of his beliefs or decisions live up to Biblical expectation.  The fact is though, all Christians are flawed in some way.  That is why all needed to be saved.  The most important aspect of Christianity, in my opinion, is accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior.  Once you’ve done that publicly it is pretty much between you and God to know how true it is.

Up to the election, and even now, you can still find individuals denouncing Obama’s Christianity.  Some do so as a result of his stance on gay rights and abortion.  Never mind he himself is not gay, nor has he ever had an abortion.  He is right with what some believe God expects, he simply believes, as do most, politicians are in place to honor the Constitution of our country and churches are a place to honor the law of God.  And if we want to hold the Bible to the letter, I don’t think there is a politician in existence, with all sins being equal, who is in the clear.  There are plenty who not only condone things that go against the Bible, but practice things that are actually part of the 10 Commandments.  Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not commit adultery and thou shall love thy neighbor (and not bear false witness against them) are the top three that come to mind.  Those candidates don’t seem to attract the same level of condemnation for their direct sins against God.  It makes it hard to consider the Christian Right credible when they rise against a candidate over abortion and homosexuality, but shake off the indiscretions of those who happen to line up on their side of the abortion/homosexuality issue.  Again, all sins being equal.

The most upsetting for me is those who say Obama is not a Christian because of his name.  They admit this with a wink and a grin as if his name exposes him for the fraud he is.  I want to shake these people and remind them of their Missionary work.  How many Christian soldiers are spread throughout the world right now converting non-Christians?  Thousands.  Those who have converted are not named Peter, John or Michael.  So, is their conversion a fraud?  Or perhaps they are a lower level Christian?  It’s disgusting and a slap in the face to what Christianity is supposed to mean.  It’s also a publicity nightmare for the faith in general.  I’m sure many of the faithful in the US and abroad got the message loud and clear.  Christians are willing to accept you as one of them when tallying their conversion points for God, but not when it comes to supporting your efforts to serve your public and your country.

3 Responses to “Name That Christian”

  1. Doug says:

    Lots of those who attempted to slag off Obama’s faith because of his name were just veiling their own prejudice. I think they have a hard time accepting that the Singhs, Kims, Silvas and al Rahims are equally as American as the Smiths, Bakers Johnsons and Andersons.

  2. Tricia says:

    I agree with the point you’ve so nicely made, but I keep thinking whether or not he’s a Christian just shouldn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter if he’s a Buddhist or a Muslim, or a Jew, etc. There should be no place for religion in the political process.

  3. lisa says:

    I agree, Tricia. It shouldn’t matter. Because I know it does to so many, my focus tends to be on how the statements against him often contradict their own sales pitch.