There was a time when the only thing on my refrigerator was a magnetic calendar from my car insurance agent.  After I had been working for a while and had some extra cash, a few take out menus joined the calendar for easy access.  Now that I have kids, it’s easier to list what’s not on my frig than what is.  At a glance I see a fuzzy lamb made out of cotton balls, a paper coconut tree, a $20 bill, pediatrician appointment cards, timers, lists of various importance, emergency phone numbers, a magnetic play toy, pictures…the list goes on.  I still have a calendar.  This one is from a real estate company.  It’s amazing I put so much care and concern into selecting the exterior I wanted for my frig when I can’t see it anyway.  My life is essentially plastered to a Kenmore these days.

Not to freak people out who I know in real life, but I do look at people’s refrigerators a lot.  Just as my frig is a window to my world, the same can be said of my friends’ and family’s frigs.  Some revelations have pulled at my heart.  Numbers for various support groups, notices for parent/teacher meetings for struggling kids, medical specialist appointment cards, debt notices and the like.  I never judge what I see.  It’s simply information to absorb that helps me open my heart and mind even more to what others are going through.  I wish we could all be as open and honest in life with others as we are with our refrigerators.  I can tell you from my observations, struggles and obstacles are not in short supply.  Using refrigerators as my reference, people have even more in common with one another than they think at times.

2 Responses to “Refrigerators”

  1. Doug says:

    Great point! My refrigerator is a pretty direct reflection of mine and my wife’s collective tastes, activities and senses of humor!

  2. Tricia says:

    I also notice what’s on other people’s refrigerators and because I’m intensely personal and a control freak who likes to dole out information on my own terms, my fridge is stainless, and nothing sticks to it. Yes, I’m closed up tighter than a Kenmore and yes, I apparently need to work on that :o)