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Can of Shame

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

I’m a bit disgusted with myself lately. Too much food is ending up in the trash can. Forgotten leftovers, moldy bread, fermented fruits and shriveled veggies are more the norm than they should be. It’s so easy to just toss it in the can and tell myself I’ll do better next time around. I don’t do better though. A few weeks later it’s more black lettuce, questionable meat, sour dairy and antibiotic producing carbs headed for their final resting place. Ugh. There is no excuse for not making use of food. When I was a kid starving kids in Africa were constantly being referenced. We don’t seem to talk much about them anymore.  Wasting that mound of carrots on my plate wasn’t an option because it could have be put to good use by someone with nothing. I have got to do a better job of managing my refrigerator. If it is impossible to consume what I have before it expires then I need to limit what I buy. Sounds so simple. Why I am struggling in this area is beyond me. I’m better than this. I know I am.

Just Another Pin In The Cushion

Friday, August 8th, 2008

So John Edwards admitted to an affair today. He made a “serious error in judgment”. And error, eh? I think not. John Edwards made a CHOICE that was not a good one. He consciously violated the vows he made to a woman who hauled herself all around the country on a brutal schedule to promote his candidacy while battling a horrible disease. Granted, now they are reporting this affair occurred before Elizabeth’s cancer diagnosis and he confessed the indiscretion 2 years ago. That’s all well and good, but we’d still be in the dark had he not been caught visiting this woman’s hotel in the wee hours of the morning a few weeks ago. How he could think for one moment a person in the spotlight of a presidential / vice presidential campaign could have an affair and keep it under wraps is beyond me. If Mrs. Edwards has any strength at the moment, I hope she uses it to beat him silly. She’s likely too classy for that, but sometimes class is overrated.

The woman at the center of all of this has a love child Edwards is denying any link to. This child, you see, is the product of this woman’s relationship with another staffer of his. Are you kidding me? Who was this woman? The pincushion for the Edward’s campaign? He made a bad choice for what? Love? Nope, he said he didn’t love the woman. I’m sure it will be of great consolation to his wife that he shattered their marriage over someone who wasn’t even all that special.

John Edwards, your good name is soiled. At least that good hair you are so proud of is still treating you well. You might need it to hide under for a while.

Lollipop Magic

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

Ah, I am enjoying the blissful discovery 2 year olds are tamed by lollipops.  Call it bribery, perhaps it is.  No matter, there is no denying the gratitude I have towards those little sugar lumps for quieting public tantrums.  Now, if only they worked on older people behaving like 2 year olds.

We Deserve Whatever We Get

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I’m frustrated today. There are times when I am sincerely scared and disappointed over the direction my country is going. Before having kids it was easier to shrug off. Now I have a greater concern over the future, their future.

Most have heard of the execution of the Texas immigrant who murdered and raped 2 girls 15 years ago. It’s created a big mess for the US that could have been avoided, yet arrogance overruled common sense. I’ve heard and read many comments from citizens applauding Texas’ courage for going ahead with the execution. The comments are laced with blood lust and anti-illegal alien sentiment. I do understand wanting justice for the victims. I also understand the frustrations surrounding the growing problem of illegal immigration. This issue really isn’t about either, however. It is about honoring our word and protecting our credibility when it comes to international agreements.

Many of those giving Texas a standing ovation clearly don’t understand the objective of the Vienna Convention or comprehend what the real complaint is against how things were handled. They think it is some sort of ‘get out of jail free’ card. As if involving the Mexican Consulate in this gentleman’s prosecution would have some how compromised justice or changed the outcome. It wouldn’t have. It’s not designed to hand citizens over to their home countries for punishment. It’s not diplomatic immunity. It is simply an agreement that Consulates are notified when their citizens are charged with a crime on foreign soil and that their citizens have a right to seek their assistance in navigating/understanding that country’s legal system. I know if I were ever charged with a crime on foreign soil the American Consulate would be the first call I’d want to make. It would be my right under the terms of the Vienna Convention. Now there is no guarantee a foreign country would feel obligated to extend that right to me since the US has shown international agreements and codes of conduct need only apply when convenient.

To those who are celebrating this man’s execution, just know it comes with a price. We could have had the exact same outcome by following proper channels and not have put our citizens’ rights to assistance abroad in jeopardy. Joke all you like about how making Mexico mad is no big deal. One person said “what do they have, like 2 tanks to come get us with.” This isn’t just about fear of military retaliation. This is about opening the door for any other country who wishes to ignore agreements they’ve made by citing our actions as justification. To those who feel this gentleman was not Mexico’s concern because he illegally entered the US as a young child, I say get consistent. He is either a citizen of our country or he is a citizen of another. If the US isn’t willing to claim him as one of us, then they can’t turn around and say he doesn’t belong to Mexico either.

This whole ordeal has given me one thing to kind of sort of compliment George Bush on. As clueless as I’ve felt him to be he did recognize the scope of the problem and opposed this man’s execution without righting the wrong that was committed 15 years ago. So 2 points to Georgie Boy there. He actually took a moment to think about how our actions might compromise our ability to be effective in international circles. He isn’t completely golden in my eyes though. There is little doubt in my mind he was aware of this issue when he occupied the Governor’s Office in Texas. So many years have passed where this man could have been retried under the appropriate conditions. He was guilty as sin. There is no changing that. Short of inventing an effective mechanism for time travel, there is nothing his Consulate could have done to rewrite history and make him be or appear innocent. Justice was going to be achieved. It would have been a lot wiser to get to that point without turning a blind eye to promises and ethics.

Can’t Help But Wonder…

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

I can’t help but wonder if those silly masks the US Cycling Team donned the other day to protect them from China’s bad air were manufactured in one of the plants contributing to the pollution problem there.  Wouldn’t it just figure.  I imagine many Americans taking in the Olympics will have an unkind word or two to say about the air quality.  Never mind much of what they are wearing and using on a day to day basis played a role.  We can bellyache as a nation all we want about the jobs we’ve lost in manufacturing to China.  That is undeniable.  What we seem to forget is the degree of pollution that followed those jobs.  I doubt too many of us are heartbroken our skies are reasonably clear.

Separation Anxiety

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

A couple very close to me is separating. I know the path to divorce is a common one. Still, I’m shocked and devastated. Sometimes I find myself questioning why anyone even bothers with marriage. If ‘until death do we part’ isn’t realistic for the masses, what is the point? There doesn’t seem to be a magic line where, once crossed, the couple is safe from imploding. The compassionate part of me supports the idea of people who are unhappy finding their way out of a toxic relationship. The selfish part of me dreads the thought of my world changing from the death of the relationship and wants them to stick to their vows no matter the personal cost. My marriage is young enough I am still able to cling to the hope that the relationship is as good or bad as I make it out to be. Sans abuse (physical, mental, substance), I can’t imagine not being able to reinvent my marriage should it falter at times. I guess part of my issue with processing the collapse of other peoples’ marriages is the inner fear I might not have as much control over happily ever after as I thought.

Younger Looking Skin

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Well paint me lucky! I’ve been thinking about investing in one of those expensive bottles of goop promising younger looking skin. Glad I procrastinated a bit. I woke up this morning with not one, but TWO pimples! If that ain’t younger looking skin I don’t know what is. Just goes to show our bodies are capable of many great things and we don’t always have to go looking for some product to give us what we want. I’d wish for younger looking hair, but judging by what I’ve seen walking around lately that would mean I’d wake up with a giant blue or pink strip decorating my mane.